(Original airing January 12, 2004 - republished after Leslie Feinberg's recent death.) Face-Off 2, discussion in LGBT African American People of Color on issues discussed in news and communities, but not on a community level. Recorded at Audre Lorde Project. Hosted by Mark Fowler of NY Black Pride. Laurence Pinkney of Black Pride NYC and Cory is a heterosexual man of trans experince founder of EE productions, Cory born in NJ, lives in Brooklyn. The segment was recorded and produced by John Riley.

Leslie Feinberg

Jesse Heiwa brings us the voices of Leslie Feinberg and Mini Bruce Pratt from their report back from their trip to Tiawan where Stone Butch Blues was required reading for some high school students. Feinberg and Pratt discuss the importance of the book on the 10th anniversary of its publication and its impact in the US and the rest of the world including Mainland China and Tiawan. Feinberg and Pratt visited with working class lesbians at a LGBT bookstore in Taiwan where the translated book was read aloud for her in Mandarin Chinese. Feinberg begins by framing how and why she wrote the book. Pratt talks about another of Feinberg's speeches, discusses the repressive history of the Taiwanese government, and describes the crackdown on the queer bookstore where the book reading was later held. Files below are: first the whole January 12th 2004 show,  and lastly just the segment with Leslie Feinberg and Mini Bruce Pratt.  Click on the file you want to listen to stream. Otherwise click on the green download arrow.