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Sunday June 28th was LGBT Pride Day in NY City. WBAI had Out-FM provide special coverage of LGBT Pride.

LGBT Special description: As the nation celebrated the Supreme Court's Same-Sex marriage ruling, Out-FM looked at that and other neglected LGBT political, cultural and activist issues. We got a special report on Cuba's LGBT community, polyamorous queer relationships, the Campaign to End AIDS in New York State by 2020, problems of young queer Jews, and a tribute to recently deceased Out-FM producer Marle Becker. We heard the poetry of Irena Klepfisz and Elana Dykewomon as well as a report on the Trans movement and queer detainees.
If you missed it here's some of the segments:

Historic Victory of Gay Rights Movement

Historic Victory for Gay Rights Movement: Across the nation LGBT people, their family and friends are celebrating a land mark ruling by the Supreme Court that appears to lift some of the oppressive weight and institutional oppression caused by the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” Between 70K and 140K same-sex couples are already married in the states that allow it. While 37 states had legalized same-sex marriage at the time of the ruling, most were the product of a judicial ruling. We’re joined by Arthur Leonard, who teaches at the New York Law School and is a columnist on legal matters for Gay City News to discuss the meaning of the ruling and the continuing struggle ahead.

Irena Klepfisz

Writings read by Irena Klepfisz and Elana Dykewomon. Both are long-term political activists and poets Their reading took place at Bluestockings Bookshop on 4/23/15.

Elana Dykewomon

Picket of City Hall to Protest STD Clinic Closure

Campaign to End AIDS in NY State by 2020: Out-FM’s John Riley brings sound from the 2 year long HIV prevention campaign that ACT UP has worked on which has become part of the blueprint commissioned by Governor Cuomo to end the HIV/AIDS transmission epidemic. Interviews with James Krellenstein, Jim Eigo, speech of Governor Cuomo and sounds of demonstrations at Mt. Sinai, NY Pride, and City Hall. The vision for ending AIDS by 2020 came from Charles King and Mark Harrington both ACT UP veterans.

Joan Gibbs

Cuba's LGBT Community: Joan Gibbs, an Out-FM contributor,  describes her trip to Cuba in May, 2015 to participate in their celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Jamila Hammami, founder and director of Queer Detainee Empowerment Project

Queer Detainee Empowerment: Jamila Hammami, founder and director of Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) talks about the struggles of Queer undocumented immigrants and QDEP's  efforts toward their liberation.

Marle Becker at WBAI's City College Studio 2014

Marle Becker Tribute: Tricia Spoto brings us a tribute to deceased Out-FM member Marle Becker. Join us while we pay tribute to Marle Becker's decades of work including being an Out-FM co-founder.  We will broadcast clips from past shows that feature his myriad contributions, interests and efforts in activism and entertainment  as well. please peruse our website at for access to pictures, entire segments and shows in our archive.

Marle Becker


Out-FM producer  Peter Jonas brings us a discussion of non-traditional relationships and polyamory. The struggle for same-sex marriage has been dominating headlines in the mainstream media. The right to marriage has been used as a base to measure LGBT equality and acceptance.  Yet marriage as a focus and as a unit  of measurement has left many in the queer community feeling marginalized. As those given voice calamor for marriage, many of us don’t identify with this need nor for traditional monogamous relationships for that matter. But what else is there? What are the alternatives? We’re going to discuss this with Disco, a local activist and community organizer in the queer and Radical Faeries communities here in NYC. Disco has created the on-line Queer Relationship Project. Among the topics to be discussed is polyamory.  For more information go to

A presentation and discussion of the project will be held Wednesday, july 15th,  7pm at the Bureau of General Services - Queer Division, which is a queer bookstore located in the LGBT Center at 208 W. 13th st in Manhattan. Take the A, C, E, 1, 2, 3 subway to the 14th St. stop.

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(Song "Love is Love" by Athena Reich.)

Jewish Queer Youth's founder and director Morechai Levovitz

Jewish Queer Youth's founder and director Morechai Levovitz addressed a 4/19/15 Mental Health Conference on Sexual Orientation in the Orthodox Community. We'll hear excerpts from his presentation about how to advocate for Queer youth with orthodox Jewish religious and educational leaders. Definitions of terms and concepts unfamiliar to the listener are listed below:

!. Aaliyah - honor given to a Jewish congregant during the reading of the Torah. Honor given only to males in Orthodox synagogues.
2. Schul- a synagogue
3. Shabas (Shabat)- Sabbath
4. Male holding a woman's hand is forbidden under Jewish orthodox law unless they are married and then only allowed when the woman is not menstruating.
5.SAR- Salanter Akiba Modern Orthodox Hebrew Day School in Riverdale, Bronx
6. Modern vs. Haredi Orthodox  Haredi-less engaged with the world and interpret the Bible (Torah) literally.
           Modern Orthodox- More engaged with the world. Also keep sabbath and kosher rules.
7.Halacha- interpretation of Jewish law.
8.Maimonides-Hebrew scholar of the 12th century. Lived in Spain and Egypt. Name of orthodox Hebrew Day School in a  suburb of Boston, Mass.
 9. Chutzpadik-Having gall. Audaciously impudent.
10. Pesach Seder- Ceremonial meal at Passover.
11. RCA- Rabbinic Council of America. Orthodox rabbis organization
12. OU- Orthodox Union. Orthodox organization that does youth work and overseas industrial production of Kosher food.
13, Shmuel Kaminetsky-Haredi Rabbi associated with a Jewish ex-gay program.
14. Trembling Before God- Documentary movie directed by Sandi Dubowski about Orthodox gay men and lesbians

The Trans Movement: Long-time trans advocate and organizer Deja Lynn Alvarez who works with the Philly Trans Wellness Project, part of the Philadelphia Queer Latino Social Justice Organization, GALAEI talks about the development of the trans movement there and throughout the USA. 

Battling Gentrification: Trans artist, musician and community activist Saakred describes the program against gentrification of the San Antonio Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.  We'll hear a cut from Saakred's new CD Make Believe.