Moving Beyond Single-Issue Politics

Attorney Osvaldo Burgos Perez

Tune to Out-FM Tuesday 11/3/2015 at 7pm for a special segment broadcast from Chicago, Illinois by John Riley and Bob Lederer. In an interview with Human Rights lawyer Osvaldo Burgos Perez, he describes recent developments in the LGBT rights movement in Puerto Rico. Perez helps lead CABE, a coalition of human rights organizations, that work on LGBT issues and other human rights issues such as the continued incarceration of political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Jan Susler, attorney for Oscar Lopez Rivera joins the discussion and explaims how popular support for his release is widespread in Puerto Rico and increasing in the United States. Rivera was fighting for independence for the Colony of Puerto Rico and has been incarcerated for 35 years for seditious conspiracy.

Oscar Lopez Rivera and Attorney Jan Susler

Jan Susler, longtime lawyer with the People's Law Office in Chicago, is the attorney for Oscar Lopez Rivera and discusses the expanding campaign to demand his release from federal prison.* Out-FM can be heard at 99.5FM in NY City or streaming at

Siedah Garrett and Moses Harper

Surviving Trauma

Out-FM producer Naomi Brussel interviews Black lesbian Moses Harper talking about life experiences and her work with youth and adults who have been tramatized. Harper is also a Michael Jackson tribute artist.


*Special thanks to Ricardo Jimenez, Roberto Sanabria and a transgendered friend for assistance.