Dear Out-FM listeners,

I'm writing to ask if you could donate to a show Out-FM is doing tonight from 9pm to 11pm with another public affairs show called "The Cutting Edge" in this joint fundraising special for WBAI, 99.5FM and Both shows are under the gun by management at WBAI to raise money. Out-FM has a long history of covering AIDS Activism and our collective produces segments featuring ACT UP members and representatives of the NYC ACT UP allied organization block, regularly. We cover a huge span of issues from the Global Lesbian and Trans movements to many progressive aspects of the US LGBT movement.

The topic tonight is an in-house special called, Rude, Crude and Crass: The rise of Right-Wing Nationalism and focuses on the Trump phenomena and it's historical roots.  This is a two-hour audio documentary on the rise of the Right-Wing in the U.S. and worldwide. It is a CD being offered for $75.

Alternatively you could give any amount as cash/credit, but need to do it in the name of the show at the following link

Please tune in whether or not you pledge.

John Riley