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Tuesday, 3/28/17 at 9pm WBAI/NY 99.5FM and

Part 2 of Out-FM producer John Riley's interview with members of Soulforce, a faith based LGBT group, who were recently arrested in the  Orlando World Center Marriott as they prepared to demonstrate against the anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies and teachings of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Conference. Soulforce is fighting what they refer to as "Christian supremacy," an ideology put forward by right-wing Evangelical Christians.  Alba Onofrio and Haven Herrin discuss why Soulforce focuses on the NRB, how the political acceptance of LGBT people has affected their outlook, and discusses the question of whether the NRB's work will lead toward fascism. (part 1 available at: Below find tonight's segment on the NRB, the rest of the show will be posted on Wednesday. You can play the link below if you have flash enabled or from a HTML5 device. Click the green arrow to download the mp3.

Naomi Brussel Reports

Naomi Brussel brings us an update on Out-FM's continuing series on the UN's Commission on the status of women and what grassroots women think of the outcome. Naomi also brings us news on the National Organization for Marriage's Transgender Hate Bus.

A Third Gender

At the Japan Society

Emma Missouri brings us an interview with the Japan Society's Curator of the Third Gender exhibit. This exhibit is about these young men during the Edo period, 1600-1868, they were not considered male or female. There clearly and beuatifully represented in the prints and paintings from that period. The Third Gender was accepted in Japan.