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Hosts: Naomi Brussel and John Riley.

In addition to some of the weeks news, the topics of tonight's show are:

  • JFREJ’s 16th Annual Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Risk Taker Awards was an inspiring success! Over 300 JFREJ members, allies, and friends gathered at B’nai Jeshurun last November to celebrate their honorees. Among those honored was Eric Ward, long times civil rights organizer.
  • The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, known as ACT UP was honored for its 25 years of risk taking.

Michael Tikili, Cassidy Gardner, Basilio Mendez and Peter Staley Accept JFREJ Award

  • Finally one of JFREJ’s own, Melanie, Kay Kantrowitz was also honored. Esther Kaplan, long time JFREJ member and WBAI co-host of Beyond the Pale, a progressive Jewish Public affairs program, presented the award. We begin with Esther, followed by Melanie. Melanie’s full comments will be posted on line on Thursday.
  • Melonie Kay Krantowitz Receives JFREJ Award from Esther Kaplan
  • Continuation of the readings of Audre Lorde and Andrea Rich at the Lesbian Herstory Archive.