Charles King of Housing Works
Charles King, E.D. of Housing Works

On Out-FM 6/28/2016 at 7pm we’ll start the show with Part 2 of John Riley's interview with Charles King of Housing works and the co-chair of the community section of the Governor’s Ending the AIDS Epidemic Taskforce, with some very good news.


John Riley also takes a look at a local manifestation of popular rage in NYC against presidential Donald Trump for his attempt to use the Orlando Massacre that took place in a gay nightclub as a prop for his presidential bid.

Susana Vargus studies Mujercitos
Susana Vargus studies Mujercitos

Naomi Brussel brings us a feature on Mujercitos in Mexican culture, the word means little women in Spanish and  refers to men who dress as women. The word mujercitos literally means "little women" but the ending refers to gender non-conforming men who dress as women.

This fascinating presentation was held in Blue stocking in May 2016 and is by Susana Vargus discussing mujercitos in Mexican culture. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Mcgill University and now is a social scientist research post doctoral fellow at the Institute of Aesthetic Research at the Nat. Atonomous Univ. of Mexico. 

Her research focuses on the different cultural understanding in Gender sex class and skin tonalities between Latin America and Anglo North America and their intersection with visual culture.