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WBAI Fund Drive Special

Cntl-Alt-Delete: Origins of the Alternative Right (click photo above for packages)

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(original broadcast Tues., Feb. 21 from 8:00-10:00 PM EST)
On WBAI/Pacifica, 99.5 FM, streaming live at
Produced by Bob Lederer, John Riley, and Naomi Brussel

The alt-right has gained wide coverage for its white supremacist, anti-woman, and anti-Jewish politics. Steve Bannon, the power behind Trump’s throne, has called his former Breitbart News "a platform for the alt-right." But just who is the alt-right, what are their internal divisions, how are they tied to the Trump regime, and how can we fight them? And what are their precursors throughout U.S. history?

Join us for a program examining these questions with Matthew Lyons, longtime leftist scholar of the far right and co-author of two books:

* the brand new book, Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The Origins and Ideology of the Alternative Right. With four essays by different authors, the book addresses the origins and rise of the so-called “alt-right,” the fascistic movement that grabbed headlines in the months leading up to the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

* Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort, a 2000 book by Chip Berlet & Matthew Lyons, which is a thorough review of these movements in U.S. history starting with colonial days.

We will also speak with Michelle O’Brien, a long-time queer and trans activist who has been involved in AIDS and housing organizing, and currently is in the academic worker movement.

Understanding the alt-right is important for those who aim to resist the era in which we find ourselves. This is a movement that has the wind in its sails, embodying the resentments and frustrations of large swathes of America, intent on reassert­ing and reinforcing the supremacy of white men, to the detri­ment, exclusion, or even annihilation of everyone else. Matthew Lyon’s survey of the origins of the alt-right takes a look at its constituent parts and beliefs at the present time, as well as observations about how its future relationship with the Trump administration may play out. Of particular inter­est, Lyons draws attention to the importance of sexism and misogyny within this movement, to its long-term strategy, as well as to the tensions between the disparate groups that have found their home under its banner.


We'll ask for your donations to listener-sponsored WBAI, Resistance Radio. Two basic packages (with 2 different formats of book, paper or e-book) are available:

* Alt-Right: Know Your Enemy – 1 Ctrl-Alt-Delete book & CD Package (mp3 files)

* Alt-Right: Know Your Enemy – 1 Ctrl-Alt-Delete e-book & CD Package (mp3 files)

* Alt-Right: Know Your Enemy – 1 Ctrl-Alt-Delete book, 1 Rightwing Populism Book & CD Package (mp3 files)

* Alt-Right: Know Your Enemy – 1 Ctrl-Alt-Delete e-book & 1 Rightwing Populism Book & CD Package (mp3 files)

Only Ctrl-Alt-Delete is in e-book and paper book format. Rightwing Populism is only in paper book format. The CD includes a recent speech by Matthew about the alt-right (and a Q&A session) and an hour-long interview with him about these topics.

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