Tuesday, 7/18 at 9pm on WBAI/NY 99.5FM and streaming at wbai.org

Tune into WBAI tonight for a one-hour fund drive special by Out-FM, when we’ll play excerpts of the recent conference co-sponsored by Out-FM and ACT UP/NY titled 30 Years of ACT UP/NY: Hidden Histories and Voices, Lessons Learned. A wide range of activists told short, pithy stories about the creative, powerful, and often-successful campaigns on many AIDS injustices that have rarely been reported by other media.  Tonight you’ll hear just a few of the 32 voices presented at the conference:

•    Sharonann Lynch, formerly with Health GAP (Global Access Project) and Fed Up Queers, about the hugely successful campaign to make AIDS medications available to 17 million people in the Global South,
•    Luis Santiago, formerly with the ACT UP Latina/o Caucus, about the successful effort to form ACT UP/Puerto Rico, which dramatically increased funding of AIDS services and decreased stigma.
•    Kate Barnhart, formerly with ACT UP’s Youth Education Life Line, about the creative, audacious campaign that pressured the NYC Board of Education to institute AIDS education and condom availability in public high schools.
•    The late Katrina Haslip (an excerpt from a new documentary about women AIDS activists) about the campaign to demand that the Centers for Disease Control broaden the definition of AIDS to include illnesses experienced mainly by women and injection drug users – which succeeded shortly after Katrina died, never having been diagnosed as having AIDS and thus qualifying for federal benefits.

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