Tune to Out-FM on Tuesday, Oct 16th from 8-10pm on WBAI/NY 99.5FM or wbai.org for a special on Scientology, how it uses unethical means to enforse their will on those that oppose them and it’s anti-gay policy with a special focus on former high ranking leader Michelle LeClair, a lesbian.

We'll present excerpts from the 3 time Emmy winning documentarly Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. The film focuses on a number of former Scientology executives that left the Church for various reasons. It details the unethical methods of the group which range from using “audit” sessions against a person, if they ran afoul of the church hierarchy. Auditing is a religious practice similar to confession. The church also employs its congregants as snitches to spy on other church members and write up their “violations”.  Additionally they’ve been show to engage in illegal practices in harassing former members, especially those that speak out against the Church of Scientology.