Chelsea Manning & Lawyer Moira Meltzer-Cohen

Chelsea Manning & Lawyer Moira Meltzer-Cohen

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Chelsea Manning Jailed for Protecting Press Freedom
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On March 8, trans activist, former Army intelligence officer, and whistleblower Chelsea Manning refused to answer questions before a federal grand jury in Alexandria, VA investigating Wikileaks' publishing of the files she provided them in 2010. She was immediately held in contempt of court and jailed for the life of the grand jury, whose end date remains secret. 

In the first segment of this edition of Out-FM, co-producer Bob Lederer will interview Kevin Gosztola, Editor of Shadowproof ( ), who's covered her case for years.

In a statement last week before her incarceration, Manning said, “I will not participate in a secret process that I morally object to, particularly one that has been historically used to entrap and persecute activists for protected political speech.” 

Her support committee wrote: "By resisting this grand jury, Chelsea has made the same sacrifice as dozens of activists before her, who have opposed the grand jury system at the expense of their own freedom. Chelsea has already served prison time for standing up against government secrecy and revealing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know, and so does the government, that she will not turn tail and allow this shadowy grand jury to eclipse her legacy of speaking truth to power.”

Under the Udala Trees

This is a fascinating book about a young lesbian growing up in revolutionary Nigeria. In the wake of Nigeria's civil war, Ijeoma falls in love. Under Nigeria's draconian laws, same-sex relationships can be punished by death. The book follows Ijeoma from her youth through adulthood, as she tries to reconcile her identity as a woman who loves women with a society that proscribes her relationships. The only respectable path in Ijeoma's Nigeria is to marry a man, and she does this, while the book delves in to the internal struggle that follows.

Nigerian-born writer Chinelo Okparanta is author of "Happiness, Like Water" and "Under the Udala Trees". She has won many literary awards and is currently a professor at Bucknell University.

Author Okparanta Chinelo

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